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20,000 downloads for Feed Safe

Feed Safe, REACH HPI’s collaboration with the Australian Breastfeeding Association and Curtin University, has now been downloaded by over 20,000 Australian women in the nine months since it was released. “The response has been incredible,” said Becky White, who conceived the idea while breastfeeding her first child. “The best thing is the many emails we get from users, thanking us for the app, and telling us how they now feel more confident they’re making the right decisions.”

Health innovation masterclass

REACH HPI’s James White recently participated in the first Health Innovation Masterclass, hosted by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. This two-day event brought together medical practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs and software developers from Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, to discuss and develop innovative health ideas. Projects covered a diverse array of fields, including obesity, pain management, medical side-effect tracing, accreditation and diabetes management. James said, “It’s always inspiring to see innovative minds take problems they deeply care about, apply many years of expertise and field experience, and devise exciting new solutions. It’s so important that we don’t leave good ideas as just that – ideas. Events like this help innovators to test their ideas, receive feedback and criticism, and begin to take practical steps towards putting the fruit of those ideas into real people’s hands.”

A thesis in three minutes

Congratulations to Casiana Blanca Villarino, winner of the 2013 Curtin University Three Minute Thesis competition. Casiana presented on a novel approach to creating high-fibre, high-protein bread using lupins, and will represent Curtin later this month at the national finals in Sydney.

School of Public Health doctoral students have now won the Curtin competition two years in a row – REACH HPI’s own James White was selected as the 2012 winner. Clearly health research is at the forefront of innovation, at least in Western Australia! Read about James’ experience at the 2012 national finals here.

Are smartphones the answer to public health surveys

Two prominent US public health organisations think they may be. The National Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have jointly announced a project proposal to collect population health data via smartphones and investigate if it will help make health data quicker and easier to collect, and more accessible to the community. Read More...