Reach Health Promotion Innovations

Mobile technology for health behaviour change


REACH HPI’s James White recently participated in the GovHack event. 1000 people in eight Australian cities spent a weekend competing to find novel uses for Government data sources. James’ team built a mobile application called Advintage, which draws on the National Library’s Trove database. Trove is a massive online collection scanned newspaper and magazine pages spanning more than a century, and Advintage enables users to easily explore the millions of advertisements it contains. Advintage was awarded the national Trove Developers’ Prize, as well as the Perth Digital Humanities Prize. Read More...

Speaking of GovHack

Still on the GovHack theme, Adelaide health promotion technology agency Zockmelon entered the competition with an overt health promotion goal: to help people discover outdoor recreation opportunities in their local communities, assisting them to stay active without relying on gyms or organised sport. Their app, LocalActive, was awarded the Safe Communities, Healthy Neighbourhoods prize. Zockmelon’s Kristy Schirmer wrote this interesting piece on what health promoters can learn from the GovHack model.