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Feed Safe available now

REACH HPI today released Feed Safe, a new mobile application built in collaboration with the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) and Curtin University. Feed Safe addresses the issue of alcohol consumption during breastfeeding, and builds on the work of Curtin’s Dr Roslyn Giglia who, together with the ABA, published the brochure Breastfeeding and alcohol: A guide for mothers. Dr Giglia’s work has been incorporated into the NHMRC’s guidelines for alcohol consumption while breastfeeding, and these guidelines form the basis of the Feed Safe app. The project, which included evaluation of the app with around thirty participants, was funded by a Healthway project grant.

Feed Safe provides answers to common questions about alcohol consumption during breastfeeding. If women do choose to occasionally drink, they can use the provided timer to accurately estimate the time when their breastmilk will be free of alcohol, based on their height and weight, and the amount of alcohol they have consumed. REACH HPI’s Becky White said, “With evidence showing that alcohol consumption can be a factor in women choosing to wean earlier, we felt it was important to make the best information as readily available as possible, so that women can make an informed choice. During the evaluation phase, we received very positive feedback from users of the app, and we were able to make changes based on what people told us."

Feed Safe was launched on 20 February 2014, at the ABA’s “Challenge Your Thinking” Conference in Perth. It is available, for free, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.