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Feed Safe for Android

We're delighted to announce that Feed Safe is now available for Android devices. This is long overdue; Feed Safe has been a very popular service for breastfeeding mothers in the two years since it was released, and REACH HPI has received over 800 emails from women across Australia, enquiring about Android availability. Feed Safe for Android was released on April 7, and we've already received nearly fifty messages from users, along these lines:

"Congratulations! I am still in need of this app and am thrilled that I can upload it onto my phone now! I will be doing that right now. Thanks for making it happen for breastfeeding Mums with android devices. I will be spreading the word."

"Congratulations on getting this accomplished. It is a fantastic initiative and will be very helpful to many mothers. I'll download it, share and rate. Thank you for this app :) "

The Feed Safe project continues to be a very rewarding one to be a part of, and we extend our warm thanks to our collaborators, the Australian Breastfeeding Association, Dr Roslyn Giglia, and, for their support in making Feed Safe for Android a reality, Gramercy Studios.