Reach Health Promotion Innovations

Mobile technology for health behaviour change


REACH HPI will be working with Catholic Education WA (CEWA) and the Telethon Kids Institute to develop a new HealthKit-based Apple Watch app. The app, called Resilience, will be used as part of an initiative to investigate the strategies employed by school principals in coping with the demands of their high-pressure position. Specifically the app will record detailed health metrics over the course of a 22 week trial, while asking regular in-the-moment questions to explore stress levels, emotional wellbeing, lifestyle factors and coping strategies. REACH HPI's becky White said, "In-the-moment interventions are an effective way of exploring health behaviour, while avoiding some common research problems like recall bias. While ITM interventions aren't new, mobile apps have revolutionised the way these studies can be carried out, with much more detailed data, more precise timing of questions via the use of technology like push notifications, and with much less burden on participants. Wearable devices like the Apple Watch are ideal for this - users can receive a question right on their wrist, and respond in just a second or two, with virtually no disruption to what they're doing."