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Feed Safe: Partnerships work

The Feed Safe project, a collaboration between REACH HPI, the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA), and Curtin University, stands as an excellent example of the value of effective partnership working in public health initiatives. The project team comprised specialists in health promotion, mobile development, knowledge translation and marketing. It also had the backing and support of Australia’s most trusted name in breastfeeding information, the ABA, a factor that was critical in its positive reception. Feed Safe is now available for iOS and Android, has been downloaded more than 85,000 times in Australia alone, and has been used more than 750,000 times.

As it does with all REACH HPI projects, evaluation played a key role in the Feed Safe project. As well as evaluating the impact of the app itself, we also evaluated the partnership model, using a partnership evaluation tool developed by VicHealth. We recently published a paper in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia describing the project and the value of the partnership model. We recommend this paper as a good read for anyone planning an mHealth initiative.